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What is traffic school?

  • A program that is driving-related and traffic safety material. Instead of receiving a grade or credit like you do from other schools, upon successful completion of this course will mask/remove points from your driving record.

How long is CA traffic school?

  • CA traffic school is required to be 8 hours long in person.
    By taking our ONLINE COURSE, you can complete it at your own pace.

  • For our fast readers, you can complete it in less than 8 hours but California requires you to spend at least 5 hours and 40 minutes studying to take the final test.

How do I request traffic school?

  • If you are eligible to take traffic school, you will get the option when paying your ticket. By requesting traffic school and paying the traffic school administrative fee (usually $65.00), you are agreeing to take traffic school to dismiss your ticket.

Am I eligible to take CA traffic school?

  • If you haven’t done traffic school in 18 months and the court gave you the option to take traffic school, then you are eligible.

What do you do in traffic school?

  • Traffic school reviews material in the form of reading, listening and watching CA traffic laws, defensive driving skills, car facts, traffic statistics and more. You will also take a final exam at the end of the course.

Can I fail the course?

  • You can fail the course, however, the final quiz is open-book, very simple and the CA DMV allows you two attempts to pass it. As long as you get 18 out of 25 multiple choice questions correct, you pass!

  • You get 2 chances to take the final test so if you fail the first time, review the material again to pass on the second attempt.

Does traffic school erase the ticket?

  • Yes and No. The ticket is not “erased” from your DMV record. Traffic school will prevent the ticket from appearing on your “public” driving record, which prevents your insurance company and employer inquiring into your driving background.

When is traffic school due?

  • Normally 60 days to complete traffic school from the day you paid your ticket, Otherwise please review the due date the court gave you.

Once I complete my course, when will it get filed?

  • We tell clients to be cautious with their due dates for the same reason. For submissions on the day before the due date after business hours, give us a call discuss expedited processing. We ask students to give us at least 2 business days to process your request. Our ‘Online Business Hours’ are the following.

  • Monday to Friday

       8am – 5pm PST.

  • Saturday

       8am to 12pm PST.

  • Sunday


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