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Welcome to our Traffic & Driving School, the place where you can learn driving skills online and in person driving school, in person or online traffic school, and take drivers education courses for employers. Take a look at our courses or services, get in touch to find out more.

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Reason why you are here......

Here is the reason why you are here

  1.  You are tired of taking the bus and are taking initiative to learn how to drive according to California's Driver handbook.

  2. You have a 16 year old kid who is now legally allowed to learn how to drive by taking a drivers education program.

  3. Or sadly option 3 where you have a ticket infraction and court now gave you the opportunity to take an 8 hour Traffic School Class to remove it from your record. offers many more services like assisting clients with vehicle registration services like getting you a driving record or finding out information on your vehicle. registration. 

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